Friday, March 2, 2012

Family Pic

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We had my soon-to-be brother-in-law snap a picture for us when we were in Kaysville last week. 
(This was so Kevin could take my little sister, Erin's, engagement pictures.)

It amazes me how the older children get, the more difficult it is to get them to look at the camera let alone smile at it.

We did get some descent ones of Kevin and I, but we will just have to be satisfied that Braxton and Jace are in the picture even though they aren't smiling.

Except when we told Braxton we were all done he couldn't stop from smiling! Silly Boy!!!

Thanks Chadd for all your help!

You should check out some of the pictures Kevin took for Erin and Chadd's engagement pictures! They look wonderful!!!

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Monica Hill said...

so cute! What a good looking family. Love your hair Genny.

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